Christian Eckert

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I am an information designer and developer, communicating knowledge through a mix of minimalist aesthetics and modern web technology.

As a partner to companies ranging from local businesses to global brands, I develop digital tools and products utilizing strategic brand development, accessible design and sustainable engineering.

Exporteur December 2019

Image of Exporteur Website

Exporteur is an image optimization app, developed by Bearly Digital. Aligning to the apps intention and countering typicial lengthy marketing sites, Exporteur's website follows a simple to-the-point approach in text and design, with strong focus on the app's visuals.

Next Nature Network since October 2019

Image of Next Nature Website

With its broad network around the globe, Next Nature is a knowledge hotspot for integrating future advances within society. Together with its core management team, I have primarily administered and enhanced the backend of its online platform.

Radio Garden February - July 2019

Image of Radio Garden Website

I joined Jonathan Puckey and his team to improve, extend and redefine the web and app experience of Radio Garden — a radio tool being used by millions, allowing people to intuitively discover radio stations from around the world.

Apeiron Centre September 2018

Image of Apeiron Centre Website

Apeiron Centre is Paris-based philosophical organization, researching the idea of infinity in the physical universe. Leveled to match the lengthy research papers and articles, the reduced visuals allow for clear readability and a concentrated experience.

Planet Radius 2015 - 2016

Image of Planet Radius Website

With the online outlet Planet Radius, the Bremen-based marketing agency Radius Media aimed to establish a new channel for targeted content-marketing presenting modern Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences for advertising purposes.

LATENIGHTMIX 2012 - 2015

Image of LATENIGHTMIX Website

With its brutally minimalist identity, LATENIGHTMIX swiftly developed into a known presence in the music bloggin scene, appealing with its coverage of then-contemporary genres like Post-Dubstep and UK Garage.